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Super Blue Blood Full Moon Medicine Keeper

Super Blue Blood Full Moon Medicine Keeper


{Creation Story}
I saw you.
Your hypnotic dance as you swirled your way through thick gray mist.
The shimmer of moon and star dust reflecting off your skin.
Here and there you would stop and your hands would become a flurry of activity; your elegant fingers weaving the gray into creation, giving the formless form.
The Grandmothers, Moon and Spider, show you the way; channeling ancient wisdom through crown to womb then into creation through your hands.
{Bead Colours}
All the grays of the Moon, the stars and the mist. To remind you it will not be black and white because you are meant to work with gray; with liminal spaces, with the swirling space between what was and what is not yet.
{Medicine Stone}
Blue Lace Agate. To grant you calm in a world that demands decisiveness. To give you clarity of voice as you create safe containers for your work.
{Word Totem}
Portal. For remembrance of your lineage. For remembrance of who you are and what you came here to do. 

**Creation Story journeyed for with the Super Blue Blood Full Moon on January 31st**

The Medicine Bag, found in cultures around the world, is a beautiful vessel of protection, intention, strength, and spirit; housing your sacred objects, words, totems, and talismans, nestled in close to the superpower of your heart.

Each Custom Medicine Keeper is:

-approximately two and a half by one and a half inches

-hung on a {approximately} thirty-six inch leather cord

-made of buttery soft, high vibration, energetically measured deer hide

-stitched and beaded with intention

-comes to your hands fully cleansed, blessed, and ready for your own whispered prayers


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