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Queen Mab

Queen Mab


Listen, you haven’t heard Mab’s whole story.

Queen Mab is no tiny flower fairy toted about in her hazel-nut chariot.


Queen Mab is a fierce warrior.

She is striking.

She is powerful.

She is a shapeshifter.

She is the personification of the land itself and its fecundity; goddess of the land’s sovereignty.

And, yes, oh yes, she is someone to be respected

Goddess, witch, warrior, demon, spirit, sprite, fairy, call her what you will because she is many things and she gives zero fucks for your desire to pin her down with a label.

Mab is both benevolent and wicked.

She loves and she hates.

She creates and she destroys.

She is the light and the dark.

She is new growth and dank decay.

She is both sides of all the scenarios you can imagine.

Her polarity is her balance.

Because she is the symmetry of all the elements.



  • hand woven {no loom work} with hundreds and hundreds of tiny cylindrical beads in glossy black and accented with delicate chunks of faceted amethyst

  • shepherd’s hook earring wire is sterling silver

  • measure approximately 1.25 inches at their widest and 3.5 inches from top to tip of the longest dangle

  • asymmetrical beaded fringe

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