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Ostara - midi

Ostara - midi


These earrings are pure delight; an exuberant expression of the joy in all things living and growing and gestating; an exuberant expression of new beginnings in all their forms.

Each earring features three 24k gold plated beads to represent the maiden, the mother and the crone. Or maybe the earth, the air and the water. Or maybe some other fecund trinity.

These earrings are deliberately mismatched within the pair; sisters, not twins.


  • hand woven {no loom work} with hundreds of subtly iridescent bone white beads accented with 24k gold plated beads and a riot of other spring-toned colours

  • shepherd’s hook earring wire is 14k gold fill

  • measure approximately 1 inch at their widest and 2.5 inches from top to tip of the longest dangle

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