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New Moon Solar Eclipse Medicine Keeper

New Moon Solar Eclipse Medicine Keeper


{Creation Story}
I saw you.
Standing alone. Tall. Embodied.
A sentinel of strength.
You threw your head back, mouth opened wide, and you drank the Sun.
You drank the Sun.
You swallowed that holy fire, igniting the ember in your belly and waking the dragon of your heart.
You, with your burning heart, are a trailblazer. Breathing fire over paradigms, beliefs and stories that no longer serve, you clear the debris for lush new growth.
You, with your burning heart, provide the fire for alchemy, growth and expansion.
{Bead Colours}
All the gold of the Sun.
{Medicine Stone}
Citrine. For golden light crystallized here in physical creation. For the clarity of knowing held in your belly and the way it feeds your dragon heart.
{Word Totem}
Catalyst. Because, yes you fcking are.

**Creation Story journeyed for with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 15th**

The Medicine Bag, found in cultures around the world, is a beautiful vessel of protection, intention, strength, and spirit; housing your sacred objects, words, totems, and talismans, nestled in close to the superpower of your heart.

Each Custom Medicine Keeper is:

-approximately two and a half by one and a half inches

-hung on a {approximately} thirty-six inch leather cord

-made of buttery soft, high vibration, energetically measured deer hide

-stitched and beaded with intention

-comes to your hands fully cleansed, blessed, and ready for your own whispered prayers

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