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Wild Rose Flower Essence - 30mL

Wild Rose Flower Essence - 30mL


Deep Rooted Resilience

As I gathered these petals, Wild Rose whispered to me of polarity; of the light and the dark, the high heights and the deep depths, the fragile and the fierce, the ephemeral and the infinite, and so on. She reminded me that when we drop our roots deep enough, we can weather it all.

This is a vibrational infusion of Wild Rose petals mindfully and gratefully received on a day when the sky was equal parts blue and storm. Those petals were then given a  full 24 hour infusion in wild spring water under the brilliant heat of the sun, cleansing wind, gorgeously dark thunderheads and the light of the full moon.


Directions For Use: Take 4 drops, up to 4 times a day, directly under the tongue or in water. A nourishing alternative to ingestion is to massage a drop into specific chakras, pulse points or wherever you are intuitively guided. 

Best used mindfully, with an intention and/or in ritual, for at least an entire moon cycle.


Ingredients: Brandy, Mountain Spring Water* and Wild Rose Petals *  

*wild harvested

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