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I Am Holy Ground - Sun

I Am Holy Ground - Sun


Remember//Reclaim your Sovereignty.

You are of noble descent.

You are love made manifest.

You are holy ground.


These earrings are straight up majesty.

An orange so shimmering and burnt it reminds me of suns and black holes and tigers and foxes and flames. There’s a fierceness in this holiness.

And there is something so powerful, so decadent and so inherently right about feeling them swish and sway against your neck.


  • hand woven {no loom work} with hundreds and hundreds of tiny cylindrical beads in a subtly pearlescent orange, matte black and a shimmering copper that flashes with every move

  • shepherd’s hook earring wire is 14k gold fill

  • measure approximately 1.5 inches at their widest and 3.75 inches from top to tip of the longest dangle

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