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Eris Strand Set

Eris Strand Set


Eris is the goddess of chaos.

Pure and absolute chaos.

In mythology, she is substrate, the absolute base layer, from which the universe came into creation and upon which it grows.

These beaded strands are named for her.

They are riotous in their colour and unabashed disregard for pattern or order.

And yet they are a clear reminder that even, especially, out of chaos can come something beautiful and vibrant.

May you wear your beads and know that your messes make you.



  • set includes one approximately 40 inch and one approximately 34 inch strand

  • each strand is made up of beads of all colours strung onto black silk thread and feature accent beads in:

    • sterling silver {for conduction}

    • black spinel {for protection and grounding}

    • gray onyx {for integrating duality within the self}

    • blue lace agate {for tranquility and freedom of expression

    • tree agate {for calming and centering}

    • faceted champagne swarovski crystal {for sparkle}

  • strands can be worn long, wrapped once around the neck to give a layered/choker look, or wrapped several times onto the wrist for a layered bracelet

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