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Custom Medicine Keeper

Custom Medicine Keeper


The Medicine Bag, found in cultures around the world, is a beautiful vessel of protection, intention, strength, and spirit; housing your sacred objects, words, totems, and talismans, nestled in close to the superpower of your heart.

Each Custom Medicine Keeper is:

-approximately 2.5 x 2.75 inches

-hung on a {approximately} 36 inch leather cord

-made of buttery soft, high vibration, energetically measured deer hide

-stitched and beaded with intention

-comes to your hands fully cleansed, blessed, and ready for your own whispered prayers

-comes to you with a handwritten card of the story of your journey and the details behind the colours, stone and word totem

In order to create a Medicine Keeper that is potent, customized and magic just for you, I undertake a Shamanic journey on your behalf and receive guidance on:

-bead colours

-custom features such as tassels {to keep energy moving}, a knotted cord {to remind you that even the things that have been broken can be mended}, etc.

-specific intention/prayer for me to hold with each bead stitched into place

-a custom stamped copper talisman with your intention/prayer/truth/sankalpa

-a specific medicine stone or crystal for you to work with at this time

Below is an example of a recent Medicine Keeper's creation story:

"custom medicine keeper magic.
pearly, luminous base. like angel wings not yet unfurled. or treasures hidden and forming in the depths.
iridescent orange gold flashing with pinks and purples for the frill. like a brilliant sunrise. to remind of new beginnings and fresh starts.
more iridescence for the accent beads; shimmering from deep copper to burnt rose to a metallic violet. to allow for what is shifting and in flux; for what is not yet, or maybe never will be, concrete and tangible.
a copper "bolster" talisman;
to bolster faith.
to bolster strength.
to bolster truth.
to bolster conviction.
the loveliest small but mighty black tourmaline. for protection. to transmute negativity, fear, and doubt. for grounding; to be anchored, here and now, in her power.
and every stitch, every bead, imbued with the prayer:
i am safe.
i am held.
i am love.
and so it is."

**due to the custom nature of this item, please allow up to two weeks from time of order to shipping**

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